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idea brainstorm for if your boared play imaginairy christmas you go around giving people air but dont say anything and see their faces lol :D

or you could draw words people say thats pretty fun

or you could describe words people say eg:hello word meaning to great someone

you could also tell people mean stuff and see how many hearts you break but come back and tell them it was a joke


or you could say this a hundread times:hula hula hula hoop how many hoops one two three five missed a number go back four five now six how many disco sticks 4 djs each has two disco sticks but one broke that makes seven and two halfs now milk a cows calf how many buckets now thats the end.

or you could sing the spoof to ba ba black sheep:moo moo jessie cow have you any milk yes mam yes mam three buckets filled one for the dog and one for the cat and one for the little boy who wants to get fat

or make rasest jokes wohw just kidding