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fun places


bali is one of the most fun places and cheapest me and my family went their its so fun we got to see monkeys hold bats shop defanaitly shop eat eat eat we got free ice cream vouchers at our hotel plaza suites or boganvilla and we caught shuttles the interiors great and the shuttles cost nothing still not intrested well at waterbom park there is a ride called the smash down if you put your arm straight then point it down thats how steep it is and their is a photographer at the lazy river at waterbom park and he lets you take your pics home and if your staying for the whole day you get your own little private booth hope i changed your mind now.and theres also this beach where i held a giant python heres the pic of the snake15167-1168510452998-1235059890-30390188-5758320-s-1-.jpg

                         mum ky me rish jake rishas boy friend